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About AntsAble

AntsAble is a unique and innovative directory-marketplace that caters to everyday product and service needs in Malaysia. It is the country's  online platform that connects consumers with various service providers and product suppliers in a user-friendly, secure and efficient manner. AntsAble offers an extensive range of products and services, making it easy for users to find what they need with just a few clicks. Apart from providing a comprehensive directory of products and services, AntsAble also features interesting information about travel destinations, entertainment options, and dining experiences. With its mission to provide a seamless and enjoyable online shopping experience, AntsAble is quickly becoming a go-to platform for consumers and businesses alike.

For Buyers

AntsAble's buyers have a wide range of products and service selections including and not limited to:

1) Services - Tuition, Home Service, Renovation, Auto Service, Nursing, Coaching, IT, Designing etc.

2) Goods - Lifestyle, Babies & Toys, Fashion, Health & Beauty, Home Living, Groceries, Furniture, Electronics etc.

3) Foods - Food & Beverages, Restaurant, Food Stall, Home Cooking, Snacks, Food Trucks etc.

4) Flea Market - All kinds of re-sellable/re-useable products.

The above are increasing on a daily basis as we are expanding our family of sellers sector by sector.

We truly believe that with the concepts of zero transaction fees and direct payment to sellers, our sellers can provide the best offer in the market and buyers can always benefited from AntsAble's platform.

Using our Location Filter feature, buyers can locate nearby products and service providers. Thus, buyers can enjoy faster delivery and lower delivery costs. It also helps to reduce damage or missing issues as well.

3 major languages are available for your convenience.

Read Buyer FAQ for more information.

Reliable and Secure Shopping

In AntsAble, the reliability and security of the shopping experience by our shoppers is our most important element.

Sellers are verified and monitored. Please report to us immediately if you find any seller is violating our Terms of Service or having suspicious activity on our platform.

In a safe and secure environment, we provide our buyers with a broad range of verified sellers' products and services.

For Sellers

We are welcoming everyone, regardless of individual or business registered sellers who desire to expand/establish their online selling journey with AntsAble. Together we are building a new ecosystem of e-commerce in Malaysia by providing different features as below in the market.

1) Zero Transaction Fees / Zero Commission - keep your valuable profit and provide the best offer and services to your buyers.

2) Direct Payment to Seller - no need to wait for payment clearance anymore and enhance your cashflow.

3) Payment Method - up to you to provide as many as possible to enhance buyers' convenience. Read our recommendation here for easy reference.

4) Shipping Method - for physical product seller, you have your freedom to provide your prefer shipping methods like pick up at store, express delivery and standard courier delivery at your convenience. Read our recommendation here for easy reference.

5) Location Filter - you may set up your store by serving location or delivery limitation due to the nature of business.

6) Communication Channels - AntsAble provides multi-communication channels for buyers to connect with you. Since we are open and transparent, sellers are allowed to publish their contacts, addresses, social media, websites to ease the contact/communication with all the buyers.

7) Seller Articles - sellers can write and publish articles to promote their products/services, demo on AntsAble's platform.

8) Product/Service Template is available - in principle for many dealers' model.

and many more...

Our Core Value

Our core value is always Win-Win to all parties as we provide the services via the platform, sellers enjoy all the features and provide the best offer, while buyers enjoy the best offer ever on our platform.