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Aircond Service

Aircond Service

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Why Choose Ken Leong Aircond Service?

We are dedicated to providing reliable air conditioning services to assist you in maintaining your cooling system and meeting all of your air conditioning needs. Whether it's aircond servicing, cleaning or maintenance, our team of highly qualified specialists has the knowledge and experience to get the job done and ensure that your air conditioning unit is in good working order. We can service a wide range of air conditioner brands, including Daikin, York, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Hitachi, and more. Our skilled technicians will ensure that your air conditioning unit is properly serviced, maintained, and cleaned, so you don't have to deal with the problems that come with a faulty air conditioning system. When you book our air conditioning service, you can choose between Chemical Cleaning and Overhaul Cleaning. Here’s what is included in each service:

Aircond Chemical Cleaning

Our experts will inspect and clean your air-conditioning unit with eco-friendly chemicals and water bag technology. Aircond chemical wash helps eliminate mold and other harmful bacteria to give your aircon the deep cleaning it needs. Aircond chemical cleaning will improve the quality of your indoor air, preventing respiratory ailments and other health hazards that may arise due to poor indoor air quality.

Aircond Overhaul Cleaning

Aircond overhaul cleaning goes beyond a chemical wash, as it involves the full dismantling of your indoor AC unit. Our technicians will perform a thorough check, dismantle your aircon unit, and rinse each component individually with eco-friendly solutions to remove dirt and grime. If your air conditioner has not been maintained for a long period, it is recommended to choose overhaul cleaning. Once your air conditioning components have been properly cleaned out, you'll experience a burst of cool and fresh air. As part of each service, our air conditioning technicians will inspect thermostats and the outside compressor, deal with drainage pipes and drain pans, chemically clean the outdoor compressor, and clean the blower wheels and blades. It is also possible that your air conditioner will require a gas top-up after inspection: Every psi of R-410/R32/R22 gas costs RM1.

With us, you'll enjoy various benefits, such as a free re-service if you're dissatisfied, a 30-day workmanship warranty, as well as prompt and efficient aircon cleaning within 60-90 minutes' service time for each unit. There will be no hidden fees if you work with us!  You will get exactly what we quote. 

Polluted air is not something anyone wants to inhale. However, if you do not clean your air conditioning filters regularly, the air you breathe will be polluted with germs and bacteria every time the system is turned on. Regular air conditioning cleaning and maintenance are necessary to avoid all of these problems.

Are you in need of air conditioning service and cleaning? Book our service today, and we will be pleased to help.

FAQ - Aircond Service

How often should I refill my A/C unit gas?
Depending on how often do you use your aircond / Gas refilling is usually not needed if the unit is properly maintained and serviced properly. Refilling might be required if servicing was improper or when there is a damage/leakage.

How often should I service my aircond?
It is recommended that you service your AC unit once every 3 months. And it is recommended that overhaul servicing be done once every 6 months in order to keep your AC unit at its optimum performance.

I perform my aircond servicing regularly. Do I still need to perform overhaul aircond cleaning?
On normal circumstances, there is no need to do overhaul aircond cleaning if you have already serviced your aircond regularly.

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Aircond Service

Aircond Service