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Seller FAQ

  • 1. Why sell on AntsAble?
  • 1) Zero Transaction Fees / Zero Commission - keep your valuable profit and provide best offer and services to your buyers.

    2) Direct Payment to Seller - no need to wait for payment clearance anymore and enhance your cashflow.

    3) Payment Method - up to you to provide as many as possible to enhance buyer's convenient. Read our recommendation here for easy reference.

    4) Shipping Method - for physical products seller , you have your freedom to provide your prefer shipping methods like pick up at store , express delivery and standard courier delivery at your convenience. Read our recommendation here for easy reference.

    5) Location Filter - you may setup your store by serving location due to nature of business or delivery limitation.

    6) Communication Channels - AntsAble provides multi-communication channels for buyer to connect with you. Since we are open and transparent , sellers are allow to publish their contacts, addresses, social media, website to ease the contact/communication with all the buyers.

    7) Seller Articles - seller can write and publish articles to promote their products/services , demo on AntsAble's platform for free.

    8) Product/Service Template - fast and easy product/service template available for you to get onboard with us within few minutes.

    9) Truly Malaysian Platform - As long as you are Malaysian citizen aged 18 and above , regardless individual or business registered are welcome to join us.

    10) Dedicated Support Team - to back up every seller along the digitalization journey with us.

  • 3. How to access Seller Tools?

Step 1 :

From home page, press "MORE" on the right bottom bar.

Step 2 :

Press "Seller Login".

Step 3 :

Type in "Email & Password" then press "Login" to access to Seller Tools.

Seller Tools function and usage

1. Side Menu

~ Order Summary.

~ Product/ Service Attribute or Option setup.

2. Language

Change Language.

3. Logout

Logout from current account.

4. Help Center

Access to Seller Help Center.

5. Seller Account

~ Manage Orders.

~ View messages from Antsable.

~ Manage Customer Enquiries.

~ View all Store Reviews.

~ Setup and manage Downloadable Products.

6. Seller Store

~ View Store page.

~ Setup Store Information.

~ Add or manage Product / Service.

~ Create article , announcement or promotion.

~ View article comments.

~ Manage Product / Service Templates (only applicable for dealership)

~ Bulk upload or edit products/services.

7. Others

~ Manage Standard Courier Charges by postcode (only applicable for physical products)

~ Manage Returns.

~ Create Seller Coupons.